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Contract, Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

RLG has developed deep experience defending and prosecuting contract disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes, actions involving real estate and real estate holding companies and special purpose vehicles.  RLG is experienced in negotiating pre-litigation commercial disputes and disputes that are unable to be resolved outside the court system.  Drawing on nearly two decades of experience representing clients in all aspects of commercial litigation actions, including the pre-trial, process, trial and appellate practice, RLG understands that litigation is not always the most effective way to resolve disputes, but RLG’s clients feel confident that if litigation is required, RLG has the experience and capability to provide unmatched litigation advice. 


Retail, Banks, Venture Capital & Mutual Funds

RLG has substantial experience representing retail and commercial banks, mutual fund companies, venture capital firms, investment advisors and commodity pool operators in connection with complex financial services-related litigation matters.  RLG has considerable experience handling foreclosure actions, collection actions, actions on notes and guaranties, actions involving fraud and proceedings brought by individuals operating within the retail and commercial banking system involving claims and defenses arising under Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code. 


Breach of Contract, Personal Injury

RLG routinely represents clients in connection with general litigation claims, such as breach of contract and personal injury actions.  Additionally, RLG has developed significant experience representing clients in actions involving product liability, tort claims, breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith a fair dealing, fraud, unfair competition, tortious interference and consumer fraud. 


Wills, Trusts & Estates

RLG also provides legal guidance to individuals and families seeking to implement sound and secure estate planning practices.  Recognizing that often there is no "one size fits all" approach to estate planning, at RLG, each client is given individualized consideration and attention, and is guided through the each phase of the estate-planning process to ensure that the client's unique desires and goals are achieved.


Professionals, Board Members and Directors and Officers

Few firms the size of RLG possess the deep experience developed over years of practice defending professionals in connection with numerous types of professional liability actions.  Whether you are a professional or a large organization, RLG is able to draw from experience successfully defending and resolving professional liability claims in excess of $300 million.  It is this unique experience handling complex, professional liability, D&O and E&O claims that distinguishes RLG from other law firms. 


Mt. Laurel Doctrine Compliance

RLG has substantial experience representing clients in connection with affordable housing litigation. Recent events have created substantial changes in the way New Jersey's municipalities' affordable housing obligations are determined and implemented.  Affordable housing litigation exists at the crossroads of constitutional law and land use law, and requires a firm understanding of sound planning methodologies.  RLG possesses the knowledge, skills and expertise required to deliver efficient, effective practical affordable housing litigation advice. 

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